Turn-Key Solutions

Complete turnkey solutions for low and medium voltage electrical distribution equipment is our core competency. Many companies turn to Exell Power for complete turnkey solutions of their electrical distribution systems to increase safety, lower life cycle cost, maximize power system reliability and to make one source accountable for all actions.


Whether the solution is refurbishment, replacement or recommendations to optimize existing equipment, our extensive network of qualified project management and engineering expertise can assure complete project accountability, including schedules, budgets, and performance as part of a complete turnkey program for you.

Turnkey Solutions we have available:

  • Switchgear and transformer replacements
  • Electrical system upgrades
  • Switchgear relay upgrades
  • Switchyard upgrades > 15kV
  • Power factor correction
  • High-resistance grounding conversions
  • Generation
  • Generator control
  • Load shedding
  • Interface to existing electrical systems
  • Power quality and standby power projects
  • Current limiting reactors, filters, etc.

Exell Power Services Engineering Services can assist in implementing aggressive cost and reliability solutions to complex power quality, power management and energy related issues. This includes:

On-Site Power System Assessment, including

  • Power Quality Engineering Study
  • Circuit Loading Audit
  • Harmonics Assessment
  • Remote Power Management
  • Energy Management Assessment

Power Systems Analysis

The power analysis is designed to enable operators to analyze and understand the potential impact of changes that are made to the Power System through simulation. Today, operators frequently require the need to switch or change loads, perform switching sequences, or take electrical equipment out of service. With power analysis and simulation solution module for data centers, operators can utilize predictive simulation, using real-time data to assist and avoid costly power system outages that can devastate operations and the financial bottom line.

Exell Power’s Engineering can extend the power management capabilities using software, and in addition, tight integration between real time power monitoring systems and power modelling and simulation software to enable the data operator to run specifically customized pre-engineered “what-if” scenarios. Exell Power’s Engineering Power System Analysis can offer capabilities for load flow, short circuit, arc flash and relay coordination.

Power Quality

Power Quality related issues are of utmost concern today. The widespread use of electronic equipment, such as information technology equipment, power electronics such as adjustable speed drives (ASD), programmable logic controllers (PLC), energy efficient lighting, led to a complete change of electronic loads nature. These loads are simultaneously the major causes and the major victims of power quality problems. Due to their non-linearity, all these loads cause disturbances in the voltage waveform.


Along with technology advance, the organization of the worldwide economy has evolved towards globalization and the profit margins of many activities tend to decrease. The most critical areas are the continuous process industry and the information technology services. When a disturbance occurs, a huge financial loss may happen, with the consequent loss of productivity and competitiveness. This implies that some measurement must be taken to achieve higher levels of Power Quality.

Let Exell Power Services assist you to alleviate any possible disturbances and enable you to achieve and maintain your high standards of quality at all times.

Arc Flash Studies & Mitigation Solutions

Electricity finds its way into virtually every corner of our workplace, bringing a very real and sizeable set of hazards. Effective management is absolutely critical to ensuring SAFETY of personnel and equipment. Much attention has been recently given to Arc Flash and its potentially disastrous effects. Workplace Electrical Safety has brought a ‘standard workplace practices’, guidelines and tools to meet common electrical hazards faced, including Arc Flash.


Becoming educated in the Safety Practices of Arc Flash Study, Arc Flash Boundary, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Equipment Warning Labels, Equipment Maintenance Hazard Assessment and Management are all essential to a Safe workplace.

Allow Exell Power Services Engineering to bring you and your workplace personnel up to that level. The announcement of CSA Z462-08 “Workplace Electrical Safety” brings a set of standard workplace practices, guidelines and tools to meet common electrical hazards faced, including Arc Flash.

Custom Engineering Upgrades

Exell Power Services have an in-depth knowledge of power distribution and control equipment with expertise in the industry codes and standards. You can depend upon Exell Power Services for consistent engineering studies and designs. Our standards are in place so that all projects for your facility is executed using the same processes and systems at all your locations.

Exell Power’s Systems Design and Upgrades meet requirements for the most challenging designs and upgrade projects, from every industry segment. Your projects can be customized from basic design consultation to feasibility studies to a complete turnkey solution.

Exell Power’s System Assessment Service will provide a plan to optimize future capital and operational expenditures. We can customize based on your need to reduce risk to your facility from reliability issues, process disruptions, or outdated workplace safety requirements.

Solutions we offer:

  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Power System Grounding Evaluation
  • Equipment Condition Evaluation, Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning

Exell Power’s System Analytical Studies:

There is a lot more to managing an electrical system than troubleshooting problems. It also involves identifying potential issues and either eliminating or mitigating their effects. The analysis and diagnosis of any engineered system will guard against improper or system operation, and the possibility of catastrophic losses. Our analytical studies will assist to ensure your electrical system operates as it was designed and intended to.

Our Tests Include:

  • input/output voltages
  • pilot devices
  • setting programmable parameters
  • auto control signal
  • set up option cards
  • ISO/Bypass operation
  • motor rotation
  • alarm & sensors
  • operate drive at all
  • allowable speed and load conditions